Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a weekend!

Wow... it's been quite the whirlwind since last Friday. I alluded to it in my Five Question Friday post, but I'll post some more details now.

So, Friday I'm at work, and my mom calls and tells me my aunt is in the hospital. My aunt moved in August, about 2 1/2 hours away. So I'm immediately trying to figure if I should go down there if she has to stay. She has two young boys who are my "nephews." I'm worried that if she's in the hospital, obviously her husband will want to be with her, so maybe I should go take care of the boys? Hmmm... something to ponder. But I decide to wait until at least we know if she's being admitted, how long she'll be there, etc.

So Friday evening, I was headed to my cousin's house for a bonfire. It's about a 45 minute drive. While I was driving, my mom called. I assumed it was with an update on my aunt. It wasn't. The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Hi, Mom."
Mom: "Hi. Dr. X called, and I'm going to the hospital right now."
Me: "Huh... what?!?!"
Mom: "Yes, we just got home from dinner and he called. You're still coming over tomorrow, right?"
Me: "Yes. I mean, what? Wait! Why?"

To make a very long story short, her potassium and platelet levels were way high. Like crazily, dangerously high. So she had to go to the hospital for more tests. So I finally get to my cousin's house and complain to her about it all. (After making sure my mom didn't want me at the hospital. She's quite particular about that. The ER isn't a fun place and it's less fun when you have 3 people in a very tiny area.)

Anyway, Audrey was appropriately sympathetic. :) She was worried too about both my aunt and my mom. Later that night I heard from my aunt who was no longer in the hospital and my mom who had to stay in the hospital. :( Also, got ahold of my brother in Singapore to keep him informed. My, having a spread out family can be a pain at times!

Fast forward to the next day, after a largely sleepless night, and my mom thought she was being released at 11ish. Surprise! The new doctor on shift said she needed to stay another night. This was not pleasing to her..... to say the least. But, we made plans for me to come visit her after doing a ton of stuff at her house (sorting through boxes and boxes of teaching stuff that I had left there!). Then in another change, she was able to come home around 7:30! Yay! With medicine, including a drug that's used for chemotherapy.... seriously serious stuff!

Exhausting, emotional 24 hours. Sunday, I was so tired and worn out on every level that I skipped Sunday morning church. I went back to my parents' Sunday afternoon and then church Sunday night. Sunday night I didn't fall asleep until around 5:30. I thought to myself that I hadn't even fallen asleep until after the time I usually get up on Monday mornings! Good thing it was a holiday!

Monday was a day of cleaning and resting. Then Monday night was a much needed girls' night with Audrey (cousin mentioned earlier) and Linda. Chinese food, chocolate cake, and Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version, of course) were a needed cure for all the craziness. This is a picture of the three of us from Audrey's wedding last year. Some of my favorite girls' nights are with these fine ladies!

The craziness, two-nights-no-sleep, lots of stress, etc. is still taking its toll on me. Both physically and apparently my mind is processing it all and I'm having CRAZY dreams! Hopefully, this too will pass. :)

Oh, and I talked to my aunt again on Monday, and she seems to be fine too.


  1. I'm glad you were able to relax on Monday! Thanks for the update on your Mom, we're praying.

  2. Glad everyone seems to be doing better. I hope this weekend is more restful for you!!