Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 9/9/2010

As usual, I'm doing my Thursday Thirteen as inspired by the fabulous Rachel!

Today, inspired by an incident earlier today, I am going to write about thirteen of my more memorable injuries. In no particular order......

1) Head injury #1. This occurred when I was 2 years old. I have very vivid memories of it! This is where it gets bad to have a fantastic memory! I was in a treehouse with my cousins, and my older cousin was trying to rearrange people in the treehouse (just usual movement). Unfortunately for my poor head, he inadvertantly pushed me from the tree house. I hit my head on a rock as I landed. I was rushed to the doctor where I got stiches. No fun. I can still clearly remember what the doctor who did the stitches looked like and my dad coming straight from work to the doctor's office. Up until about a year ago, my family didn't realize how clearly I remembered the incident; they thought I had vague memories from being told about it. Then when I described the coat I was wearing and what was on the coat, they realized I really can remember it. :)

2) 3 Broken Fingers. I was in the 6th grade. I was playing basketball in my driveway with one of my brother's friends and he tripped me!!!! It may or may not have been an accident. I will never know. For 3 days, my mom thought I was complaining about pain because of the relatively minor scrapes. She didn't know why I was making such a big deal. Finally, she took me to the doctor when she realized how swollen my fingers were, and sure enough, broken! In that time, we had school pictures, and looking back, you can see how swollen the fingers were!

3) Bicycle Injury when I was 7, a.k.a. my first hospital trip! I was riding my bike with my brother and dad when I hit a patch of gravel. I FLEW off the bike over the handlebars. My mouth bled and bled. My tooth chipped. We thought my nose might be broken. A kindly neighbor gave us a washcloth and ice and let us use the phone to call my mom. She came, picked us up, and determined that a hospital trip was in order.

4) Tree stand adventures, aka Head Injury #2
So, when I was 7, my cousins, brother, and I were going walking through the woods behind my grandparent's house. (My maternal grandparents lived in the country, over in Indiana.) While walking, we came across a tree stand/hunting platform. We decided to climb it. As we were getting down, my shoe slipped off the ladder rung (I was wearing jelly shoes, if you remember those. They were pink and sparkly and NOT ideal for the woods!) Anyway, I reached out for a branch, and it broke!!!! So I fell the 6 feet to the ground, was knocked unconscious, and don't remember anything for the next 15 minutes. Apparently, my brother ran back to the house to get my dad while my cousin's stayed with me. When I came to, we started walking/them carrying me back to the farm house. My dad got to me before we finised walking and he carried me the rest of the way. Not fun....

5) Worst McDonald's injury. a.k.a. Head Injury #3/Back Injury #2/Hospital Visit #2
Okay, I worked at McDonalds 7 years and had many minor injuries, mainly burns. But one particularly bad injury stands out. It was December 1998 and I was working extra on my holiday break from school. I was in a rush as I was doing some closing stuff, and one of the crew people had apparently left water all over the floor prior to mopping. I slipped as I went around the corner, feet flew up in the air, and I landed hard. But don't worry, my head broke my fall. :/ Ouch! The other manager heard the impact, came to check what it was, and FREAKED OUT! Was sure I was even worse hurt than I was and was on the phone with 911 when I went into the office to figure out why he wasn't helping me. My back and head were hurting. Eventually, I got home and could barely sleep. The next morning, I went to work but was SO dizzy. And then when I would bend over (to put on socks, etc) I passed out and fell over... twice. Not good. The dizziness continued at work (yes, I tried working despite this). When my boss called, he said I didn't sound like myself and I told him what happened. He panicked, called another manager to run the store, and ordered me to the urgent care clinic. The doctor wouldn't listen to me about my head but acted like the back was the big deal.... until I passed out while he was examining my back. He then sent me straight to the hospital where I waited and waited for hours. It turns out it was a concussion. I got home after 11 hours in the hospital. When I got there, my aunt from Africa had arrived! :) A couple weeks later, I was not getting any better so I had to go back to the doctor who thought I might have a slight skull fracture. Turns out it was just a really bad concussion.

6) First Major Car Accident
In December 2007, on my way to Caleb's 1st birthday party, I did the reckless thing of stopping at a red light. The driver behind me thought this was CRAZY and drove through it at 65 miles per hour. Of course, driving through the light meant driving through me. My car was pushed around 200 feet, the frame broke in two places, and I ended up with whiplash, a bulging disc in my lower back, torn muscles in my neck, and a vertebrae that rotated almost completely around. Between physical therapy and chiropractic, I was in care for 11 months!

7) Second basketball injury, a.k.a. Head Injury #3
This injury came at the hands of my brother. In reading these posts, I think I can blame most of my injuries on family members. See, I'm not klutzy! It's my family! ;) Anyway, I was playing basketball with my brother and some of his friends (he was in a basketball league and we were playing afterwards) and I was defending my brother. He went one way in an attempt to fake me out; and thinking it worked, he passed the ball. It went right into my face..... concussion and several loose teeth later, I could barely talk with my swollen jaw. This was right before parent teacher conferences! Oops! One of the families in my room consisted of a doctor and a dentist. During my conference, she kept asking about my teeth and he was concerned about my head. :)

8) Knife to the thumb
So, my cousin used to be a cook at the Bible school that my brother and cousins went to. I was up there visiting and was "helping" her in the kitchen..... with a knife. In addition to slicing the buns I was asked to, I went above and beyond the call of duty and sliced my thumb too!

9) Major Car Accident #2
February 2009..... hit from behind in a hit and run. Fun times. Concussion, back injury, and whiplash. More fun in physical therapy! Fund with a neurologist! The fun never stops. :)

10) Soccer Injury
More minor.... sprained ankle playing soccer in gym class. Tore a ligament or two.

11) Alabama Oopsie!

12) Dog bite
When I was young, my aunt's dog bit my thumb. The dog was really just trying to get to the treat I was holding up. Not a big deal. Just a tiny scar. But I was running out of injuries to talk about!

13) Today!
Well, what started off as a normal day of work turned out..... not normal! I was wearing pants that are cuffed and just a bit too long. I was wearing heels. The two were an unfortunate combination. My heel got caught in the cuff and I fell.... hard. While carrying coffee. Injuries include sore back and neck from the hard fall (minor), cut thumb from impact, and a badly skinned knee from impact. I think I need reinforced knees like young boys get in their pants. I also have a sore wrist, scraped hands, and my shirt has coffee stains. And let's not even discuss my co-worker's wall...... or the important papers we had JUST received via Fed Ex! I can laugh at it now. Everyone else laughed at it, so I might as well. :)

Now why oh why do people keep saying I'm accident prone? ;)

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  1. Wow...remind me not to get too close to you...cause accident prone is definitely a title you're worthy of! =) OUCH...sorry about today...that doesn't even sound pretty...I thought spilling my entire salad all over the floor in Golden Corral was bad...but yours tops it! =)

    Get some rest!