Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 9/23/2010

This must be a very special post, because it's my first Thursday Thirteen since I reached 13 followers! So let's all take a moment of silence in honor of the occasion.

Okay, not really. That's a bit much, don't you think?

For today's Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to do thirteen pictures that make me smile. Some are of me, some are of family, some are random.

1. My sweet Cole. I think he was 2 in this picture? We went to the zoo. We were riding a train, which was his and Gage's favorite thing! While riding, he looked up with this adorably sweet look. I'm glad I captured it on film as it is one of my favorite pictures!

2. Silly Caleb..... my nephew is quite the silly little ham at times. Yes, in addition to the sunglasses, he is carrying around a toothbrush. Why, I really don't know!

3. Okay, this one has a story that makes the picture funny. As you know if you've been reading my blog, you know that last week I went out to Washington and Idaho to see a friend and her family. Well, this is her van in the picture. And here is the slightly (or very) embarrassing story behind all the white stuff on the van....

We went to Walmart (pretty much the only store in town!) to pick up some party essentials for the next day. When we got there, I discovered a big spider had built a web between the rear-view mirror on my side and the window. Now I HATE spiders. Especially big spiders....

So, killing wasn't a great option because I would have to get too close to it and it was big and ugly.

I had heard within the last month that when faced with these hideous creatures, a good way to kill them is to spray something on them. It momentarily paralyzes them, making them fall off of whatever they're clinging to, and thus making it possible to stomp on them to kill them. Easy enough.

I see sprayable sunscreen in the van......

(Now, in my defense, all sprayable sunscreens I had ever used were clear!)

I ask Lisa if she thought I should spray it on the spider. She says yes.

It went EVERYWHERE! And as you can see from some of the smearing, the more we tried wiping it off (with a wet baby wipe, when I think something dry was needed) the worse it got! So then, in addition to trying to clean up the mess while the two kids looked on in confusion, we were trying to do it while laughing so hard we could hardly breathe!

(For all of you "live and let live" bug lovers, don't hate me. Spiders just really creep me out!

4. Two of my wonderful friends - Audrey (the bride) and Linda. This was at Audrey's wedding (Audrey is actually my cousin in addition to being my friend). We needed to update the picture of the 3 of us as we all look better than the one I had currently had displayed at my house!

5. and 6. Also from Audrey's wedding. These two pictures have the same story, so I'm lumping them together. Kim (another cousin, Audrey's sister-in-law) was also a bridesmaid (hence our same "choice" of dress that day). We had these pieces of cloth that we were told we needed to wear. When that day came and we went to put them on, we realized that no one had thought about how we were to wear them and they were pretty long. So Kim and I got "creative." I thought we were funny. Some others didn't. :) (We ended up doubling them and wearing them over our shoulders. But my advice for all future brides is if you're getting married at a church that requires shoulders to be covered, just buy dresses that have something covering the shoulders. Adding to dresses is kind of a pain, and if you're going for the matching look, they don't end up looking identical.)

7. That is Gage, Cole's older brother. They were mice for a school play; and I have to say, for a rodent, he is downright adorable!

8. Another picture with Audrey. I just really like this picture of the two of us! This was at her brother Justin's wedding. She was the maid of honor, so she was more fancily attired. In addition to being my cousin, she's practically a sister to me. She lived with us for 6 months growing up and then again for 2 years when she was finishing up college. Love, love, love!

9. This is a silly picture of a good day. It was in Singapore on my mom's birthday last year. We went to a mall for a restaurant called "Carnivore." (As you can imagine, lots of meat was served!) Then we played on the play area with Caleb (Evan was only 6 weeks, so he didn't do much.) This was one of the things to sit/play on.

10. Why yes, my nephew is adorable. Thanks for noticing!

11. I loved my trip to Europe. I went with a large group ranging in age from 16-68! There were 43 of us, I believe! It was a great time, and this was our one whole group picture. It was taken in Switzerland, right before we went to Mt. Pilatus.


12. More of my boys. I'm a very proud aunt; what can I say. :)

13. Because of the ghetto nature of the door (underground parking garage in Detroit), Ashley was doing her best "ghetto pose." Hehe!

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  1. Nothing wrong with being a proud aunt! ;) They are adorable!! :)