Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Thoughts

So, a couple quick things on my mind, both based on things I've seen in the last few hours....

-I hate, hate, hate seeing on facebook when ladies I know refer to their exes/fathers-of-their-children as the child's/children's "sperm donor." I get that you have no relationship with him and wish your child didn't, but they are a former relationship of yours and someone that meant enough to you that you did a very intimate act with. Not just out of respect for them as a person, but for your child's sake who may one day see what you wrote, show everyone (including your facebook friends) the courtesy of not being tacky. (Yes, I know that facebook friends can choose to ignore what you write/choose to hide you, but I'm just expressing how tacky I think it is.) Obviously, I'm not referring to anyone who ACTUALLY used a sperm donor to conceive their child. I'm referring to bitter ladies who feel the need to drag their former relationship through the mud in a very public place.

-Right now, I'm watching the movie "Something New" with my mouth hanging on the ground. I'm shocked that this movie was made this century. It is one of the most racist movies I have ever seen, but it "gets a pass" because it's African-Americans talking about race. But really? I can't imagine it ever being acceptable for a movie to be made about a successful, career driven white woman who meets a black man who she really enjoys being with, but fights it because he's black. And then she finds a white man that she should be compatible with based on careers (the black man is a blue-collar woman; the white man is an executive) and social circles, but she doesn't have chemistry with. What to do? But if you reverse the races in the scenario I painted, add in family and friends who are horrified that she's dating outside her race, etc., and you have this movie! I mean, really? Plotlines about whether or not you should date someone or not based only on skin color and this is okay? Referring to the guy as a ski-slope or a flashlight just because he's white?

-Due to a new security setting at work, I can't access blogger from work anymore. It's so sad. My blogging/commenting time is practically non-existant!


  1. I've never heard of that movie. That is crazy!

    Thanks for the advice on my blog post, I'll stick with Stacy instead of Tyra!!


  2. Oh no...I would be so sad if my work did that. I hope you stick around a bit to keep writing!

  3. A flashlight or ski slope? That's horrible but made me laugh at the same time. It's definitely a double standard.