Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evening with the Boys

Last night, I took my "nephews" to dinner and the movies. They are moving soon, so the purpose of our little "date night" was two-fold. 1) It gave my aunt a chance to get some packing done and 2) it gave me a chance to spend some more time with them before they leave me. (They're only going to be 3 hours away. I'll be fine. I think.)

We went to Kerby's Coney Island and to see Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (with a brief side trip to buy some Silly Bandz!).

Seriously, the boys were in fine form last night. They were hilarious. They could be stand-up comedians when they're acting like they were then. Of course, it was 99% unintentional (which makes it even funnier). Keep in mind, Gage is 7 and Cole is 5. Below are some conversation excerpts:

While we were driving to the mall where our adventure would occur, they were describing their plan to have a live action chess game at their new house. This involves painting the lawn white and black, getting 32 players plus 2 directors to direct the players, and costumes so everyone would know what parts were what. Cole says to Gage "Where are we going to get all the costumes?" Gage replies "Cole, don't you know where plastic comes from?" Cole "No." Gage "Oh. Neither do I. But we'll get some."

Then when we were in the restaurant, Gage decided to pretend he was going to eat the whole container of mustard. I made the mistake of, in discussing the reasons why he shouldn't, including the word "vomit." They had never heard this word before, and I had to explain it was one of the ways to say "throw up." Well, again, they're young boys. So you can guess what word quickly became the favorite word of the evening..... for a few minutes until I put a stop to it. But they kept forgetting it, and it was "vomig," "bomb it," "boma," etc.

Then later at dinner, I said something Cole didn't like and he threatened me. His big threat? "I'm going to start smoking."
Me: "No, Cole, you're not going to start smoking."
Cole: "Yes, I am."
Me: "No, you're not."
Cole: "Yes, and that's not all."
Me: "Oh really?"
Cole: "Yes. I'm going to smoke using other people's cigarettes. So not only will I be smoking, but I'll be getting germs too!!!!!"
At that point, I had to stop the conversation before I started laughing. Their mother and I both are telling them often "Don't, that has germs" etc. I guess it's stuck with him!

There were many, many other examples throughout the evening (to the point I wish I had a tape recorder with me) but those were some of the highlights/ones I can remember right now.

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  1. haha that cigarette conversation was pretty funny!