Monday, August 9, 2010

Deanna and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

What to do when you had a super bad day and can't sleep? Complain on your blog, of course!!!! (And for anyone thinking my blog title is overly dramatic, it's the name of a children's book, only "Alexander" and not "Deanna.")

Cue the whining now......

Okay, seriously people..... today (well, now yesterday) was a terrible, miserable, emotional day. Not any one thing, and it wasn't all bad. But it was overall yucky.

I just started going into details, but realized I don't want certain people to get the long version of what happened, but I also don't want to take my blog link off facebook. So, instead I erased a paragraph of writing and will whine in bullet points instead:

-Seriously, if you claim to run on/desperately need volunteers, treat them well. Or if not well, at least don't treat them like unimportant, unappreciated afterthoughts who are of zero value to you. Just a thought.

-Going to my one church where I feel truly loved makes it all the more jarring/difficult to go to my other church. I think I'm supposed to be learning something through this, but especially days like today, I don't know what. Like, if I were hit by a bus, I think in my one church people would truly be sad. In the other church, the response would be "Who's going to buy the cookies for afterburn?!?!" "Does that mean I have to watch the kids tonight?"

-People who say one thing and show another thing by their actions DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! (See previous two examples.)

-After a certain point, I'm not going to care if you notice that I'm extremely not happy with you. Really, I'll still be polite, but there will be no fakeness. For tonight anyway.

-Seeing my Taylor (10 month old beauty belonging to my friend Lisa) is an instant mood-lifter. However, it fades quickly once I'm not with her.

-People who can't comprehend simple concepts (aka don't care to remember simple requests) after many reminders aren't really that stupid, just inconsiderate.

Okay, time to try the whole sleep thing again. :)

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