Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 29 — Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the Next 365 Days

Oohhh..... this should be interesting. :)

We'll start with plans. Those are probably the easiest.
1) A trip to Singapore! Okay, this is kinda still in the "hope" stage. But, since I have the frequent flier miles for it, it's moving into the "plan" stage. My babies are calling to me. :)

2) A trip to Washington/Idaho. This will probably happen this September. I will be visiting my wonderful, incredible friend Lisa (she follows the blog, so I have to say good things about her), her husband, and her ADORABLE kids. The plan is to be there for Taylor's (her daughter) first birthday. She lives in Idaho, but I'd be flying into Washington, so I'm counting it as part of the trip.

3) Take classes at RMTI again this fall and winter.

4) Get my house better organized. It's driving me crazy lately. Things seem to be in disarray and crowded. I'm slowly getting rid of stuff, so that should help, but since I'm selling stuff and listing on ebay, in some ways it seems to make it worse. Because the stuff is out while the auction is going, etc. But part of this will get easier if my first hope comes to pass.....

So, on to Hopes:
1) Be roommate free - I like living alone. The house is too crowded with the second bedroom in use. There are other reasons too. You can check out other posts if you really want to know the dirt. But, it would be great to be alone.

2) Calm the schedule down - be home at least 1 night a week. That just sounds so relaxing.

3) Spend more time doing the things I love because I love doing them.

hmmm..... meet and fall in love with the wonderful man of my dreams. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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  1. Oh thanks. You are a wonderful, incredible friend too, even if you felt obligated to write that about me. :p