Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 28 — A Scar

Well, I already told both my scar stories in this post for 5QF less than a month ago. So rather than rehash, I shall direct you there.

Instead, today, I will tell about a scar I think is forming.

On my trip to the Ramp, which I'm still mid-post about, I had a slight mishap.....

There are times when it has been implied (okay, fine, said) that I am slightly (okay, fine, very) klutzy. I don't know if this is true, but stories like I am about to share add to the perception. :)

It was Saturday, late afternoon. It had been a long day before the last service of a long conference. Ashley and I had gone back to the hotel room and I had changed. One of the things I had changed into were a pair of slingbacks that I like, but the strap in the back is a little loose. Occasionally, it will just sort of come off my heel with no notice.

Due to overflow at the conference, we had a tent in the parking lot. I left the building just to go check on how things were going at the tent, check on the water and lemonade, etc. And just to look around. I'm walking back to the building when the PARKING LOT JUMPED UP AND ATTACKED ME!!!!! However, the parking lot chose to do this at the exact time that my shoe started to slip and I hit a piece of gravel. This made some observers think that they saw me fall, when clearly it was really the parking lot jumping up and attacking. But try telling them that.

I ended up with skinned knees (which healed quickly), sore and scraped hands (from blocking my face from hitting the asphalt - good trade off, in my opinion), and a really badly scraped elbow. Today, a week and a half later, I'm pretty sure the elbow is going to scar. Too much skin was lost on that hot, Alabama parking lot. Even two nights ago, I scratched it in my sleep and woke up to gushing blood! (I know, it's disgusting!)

In addition to these possibly scarring injuries, my sense of dignity also took quite the hit as people gathered around me to help me up, see if I was okay, etc. Ms. Cindy and Ms. Vicki (two of my favorite people in the whole state of Alabama!) insisted on "mommying" me by bandaging my wounds and making sure I was okay. About an hour later, when I had almost forgotten the incident due to some other stressful stuff going on (more on that later) a police officer came up to me and said "Are you okay?" I thought he was referring to the general craziness of the event, but then he quickly followed up with "Because I saw that fall you took earlier and wow!" He had been directing traffic across the street at the time! So it was quite a fall for him to see from over there!!!!

And by "quite a fall," I clearly mean "quite a vicious attack by the parking lot."


  1. Hahahahahaaaa.... This is funny! I was truly concerned for you though! I can not believe you are blaming our poor parking lot of attacking you!! You just wanted to get a little acquainted with teh parking lot!!! :)

  2. "Our" parking lot? You make it sound like you go there more than once every 3 years!