Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 8 - A Thank You to Someone Who has changed My Life

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend! Your friendship has changed my life, changed me, and is forever appreciated. You have provided many moments of amusement, fun, and also deep introspection.

I think your genuine kindness and friendliness wore off on me - I find it much easier to talk to anyone that I meet. You know, like you did to all the waiters and waitresses on your trip to Michigan. You've taught me that homeless people in Detroit can be very helpful.... lol.

Thank you for always, always listening. Thank you for enduring whiny e-mails when I'm having a bad day, silly e-mails when I'm trying to be funny, and everything in between.

I think back to when we first met. You gave me great wisdom in our first conversation. I believe it went "Girl, you're in the south, and down here we wear FLIP FLOPS!!!!!" I never once again wore wedge heels to a fun-at-the-field kids' RAMP event. But then we got to know each other a little better just a few minutes later.... we have Scary Chad to thank for that. Just think - if I hadn't been deathly afraid of upsetting him, I might not have given you the ride, and who knows where we would be!

And then there are all my wonderful downtown Detroit memories with you. Well, not just downtown Detroit, but really the whole week. From the snow flurries you described as a blizzard to your random falling out of bed to you singing happy birthday to me as it turned my birthday, we made some GREAT memories that week! Thank you so much for coming to Michigan!

And, I think you learned a lot on the trip, including 1) how to play spoons, 2) not to trip when leaving Greektown restaurants, 3) NOT to try to break into Comerica Park (but especially not when the security is RIGHT THERE), 4) Sweet Tea is NOT sold everywhere in Michigan (or anywhere really), and 5) to remove paper from muffins BEFORE eating half the paper.

So, thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I love you and will see you in two weeks!!!!


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  1. Thanks for making me cry Deanna!!!!!! It was so beautiful.. I love you too and value our friendship!! I can say all those great things about you as well!! Like today, it was my day to rant.. Lol!! Love you bunches!!!!