Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 7 — 5 things you could not possibly live without

Okay, so obviously I could live without these 5 things. But if everyone answers all seriously - food, water, shelter - what fun is the blog? So, if my answers seem vapid and shallow, it is what it is. :) And it's just a blog.... nothing that needs to be taken too seriously.

And people aren't things, so I'm not going to say "my wonderful friends and family" or any emotional, cheesy stuff like that. I also don't think of emotions as things, so you also won't be getting stuff like "happiness," "peace," "love." Even though I do think those things are necessary to living a balanced, well-adjusted life.

So, in no particular order, my 5 are.....

1) Lip Gloss! I cannot stand that dry lip feeling. My friends often claim I'm addicted to it. In a pinch, I will use Chapstick instead, but it's soooo not the same. I apply lip gloss/balm probably 25 times a day. I keep it by my bed at night so if I wake up with dry lips, I can reapply. In fact, just thinking about it made me realize my lips are a little dry right now.... please hold while I reapply. Ah.... so much better. Thanks for waiting. I just used one of my current loves - the NYC lip plumping variety. I have two different shades. It's so inexpensive and I love it!

2) Cell Phone. Seriously. If I forget it at home for a day, if the battery dies, or worst of all, when it breaks and I wait for a new one, I GO CRAZY!!!!!! I pull it out to check the time and then realize it's not there! I also don't know if I could survive without having the internet on my phone. I feel so cut off from the world when I don't have it or when I don't have good service and can't access it!

3) Water bottles. This one is more of a real necessity, but not to the degree I do it. I seriously carry around a stainless steel water bottle ALL THE TIME. Most of them hold about 20 oz. (one I have holds more like 32) and I fill it up about 15 times a day. I really like my water. So, like my cell phone, when I forget my water bottle, I feel lost. But unlike a cell phone, I can stop at a gas station and buy a disposable one for the day, so it's not as severe.

4) My Purse and shoe collections. I love purses. I don't just like them; I truly do love them! They are so much fun. I have about 30 purses and like to switch often. I don't match them to my outfits too often unless it's a special occasion (I don't have time to switch them every day!) but since I wear a lot of pink and have a lot of pink purses, it usually works. Shoes - I have about 90 pairs. I have 12 pairs just of pink shoes. I have work shoes, dressy shoes, workout shoes, casual shoes, etc. I have flats, 5 inch heels, and just about everything in between!

5) My Passport! I LOVE to travel. Europe, Asia, Africa - I've been to all 3. And I want to go back to Europe and Asia for sure, maybe Africa. I also would really love to go on a cruise next year. My friend Ashley and I are talking about it. But, I also want to go to Singapore, so I'm not sure if I can make them both work out the same year. We'll see. But escaping Michigan for a week during the yucky months of January - March sounds SO good. Even better if I'm spending it with one of my favorite people in the world!

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