Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 5 - Favorite Quote

This blog post will be shorter than the last one, I PROMISE! One reason is I'm not as long-winded when talking about a quote as I am about Survivor and Gilmore Girls. The second reason is I'm tired, so my brain isn't functioning completely.... my house has been over 90 degrees continuously since Sunday. Actually, this morning, the cool morning breeze cooled it to a frigid 88 degrees. Okay, who am I kidding - a still ridiculously hot 88 degrees! Third, and probably most importantly, my boss is back in the office after almost 2 weeks in Europe. Talk about cutting into my blogging time!!! (To prove my point, he just interrupted me typing that sentence to call me into his office to give me a LOT of work for his next appointment. So I'll have to come back to this post.)

Okay, 3 hours later, sitting at home in my hot house on my "lunch" break while the AC man tries to fix my AC, I'm back! (Here I said it would be a shorter post and I've rambled this long without getting to the topic.)

A quote that I just love is "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

I think so often, we get so caught up in missing times we enjoyed in the past, missing people we don't see very often, etc., we miss out on a lot. We spend so much time wishing we could go back or wishing we could be with them that we don't truly enjoy the memories we have or the fact that we had an incredible experience at all.

Personally, I remind myself of this when I'm missing my adorable nephews. Rather than be sad because they're back in Singapore, I choose to be glad they were able to come spend almost a whole month here. Sometimes I get sad thinking of all I'm missing - watching Evan learn to walk, hearing about Caleb's first days of school, etc. - but dwelling on those things doesn't help me recapture those moments. Being joyful for those moments we had - playgrounds, ice cream, puzzles - that's what I choose to focus on. Either way, they're not here and I'm not there. Why focus on what I can't change, when I can change my attitude.

Even while they were here (and the trip before as well) I reminded myself of that. When I would get sad and think "Only 3 more days" or something like that, I would remind myself it wasn't the time to be sad about missing them. It was the time to savor every moment, every hug, every laugh.

Today, I'm looking back at pictures, and smiling because it happened.

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