Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 4 - Favorite TV Show

Oh, an easy one! I only watch like 4 current shows consistently, so this is easy. Oh, wait. Can I do an old show that's not on anymore? Hmmm, it's my blog, so my rules. :)

The shows I watch consistently/fairly consistently are Survivor, Castle, Biggest Loser, and..... I guess that's it. Only 3. And Biggest Loser isn't even super regular anymore. Oh, and shows that have summer seasons only, I watch a couple since the others aren't on - Drop Dead Diva and Mad Men come to mind.

But lately, a show I NEVER watched while it was on but love now is GILMORE GIRLS!

I got hooked on this show all at once.... a co-worker lent me her Season 1 DVDs insisting I would love them. I put off watching them and put off watching them because I was busy and didn't really think I would like them very much. Suddenly, one Saturday, I was really exhausted/borderline sick and just needed a "down day." So I decided to put a DVD in of Gilmore Girls, give it a chance, and go from there. I figured if I hated it after two episodes, I would stop. If it was okay but not good, I would give it a few more episodes. No harm since there was nothing else on. :)

I got hooked. The fast dialogue, the genuinely likable characters, the well-written plot? I quickly watched Season 1, borrowed Season 2 as well, and then Netflixed the other 5 seasons, all within a couple of months. I ended up buying Seasons 1-5 (Seasons 6-7 aren't worth owning, in my opinion). Yes, Rory ends up being a spoiled brat by the end of the series. Yes, if Loralei were a real person, she would most likely drive me crazy. But for tv characters, the show works.

It's more than just the characters and dialogue. The first 4 seasons especially just have that special something - an energy, a buzz, a zip that you don't often have with a tv show!

Okay, now for a current show, and the one I actually intended on writing about before I distracted myself.

I started watching Survivor partway through the first season. (I think I can trace my reality tv addiction back to this point!) Because the show grew in popularity so quickly, they ended up reshowing the first episodes, so I was able to see them all.

I love this show. The past few seasons have focused so exclusively on one or two characters to the detriment of the show as a whole, but I still get hooked. There has only been one season out of twenty that I didn't watch. And even then, I watched the last few episodes. Often the twists are dumb and pointless, but sometimes they are so good. Sometimes the casting decisions are poor, but other times, the cast assembled is sheer brilliance!

I do wish the show would get back to what it started as - a unique cast interacting in a unique way. I really don't need to see the same people on it 3 times - Parvati, Amanda, James, etc. One All-Stars was kind of fun. But Fans vs. Favorites, Heroes vs. Villains - can't you find regular people who want to be on Survivor and not just use it to try to become a mini-celebrity?

The game itself has changed too, which is bound to happen. I re-watched the first season recently, and it was funny to see how horrified some contestants were that 4 people would have "an alliance" and vote together. Now, it's expected if you want to make it far in the game you will have at least one alliance, possibly sub-alliances. All this was a natural evolution of the game.

So, in summary, if you need something to watch, get Gilmore Girls from your library, Netflix, etc. or wait for September when Survivor comes back on!

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