Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 26 — A Childhood Memory

Many of my best childhood memories revolve around my cousins. I have a lot of cousins and a lot of great memories with many of them. I also have some not so great memories with many of them (not due to them, but due to things like injuries, pain, etc.). In fact, I almost wrote about the time my older cousin pushed me out of the tree house and I had to get stitches. But I won't. Or there was the time I visited my cousins in Africa, which I talked about in this post.

But instead, I am going to talk about something that happened with my cousins Jacob, Holly, and my brother Cameron. Some background - Jake and Holly were great cousins to have around if for no other reason than they were practically the exact ages of my brother and myself. Jake was 4 months older than Cameron, and I was 3 months older than Holly. So it also worked out perfectly genderwise.

Throughout the first 8 years of my life when we lived about 15 minutes apart, many memories were made - sleepovers, movies with my Grandma, the infamous "College Game," mine and Holly's experimentation with makeup (with strange results!), nicknames we had for our brothers that they hated (for fear of repurcussion, I will not share those on here). The list could go on and on.

Then..... disaster struck! Their parents decided to move from Michigan to Florida for my uncle's job! (Insert dramatic pause......) This was not what we had in mind! From 15 minutes apart to 15 hours? (I don't know if it was really 15 hours, but it goes nicely with the 15 minutes comment.)

Well, about a week before they were scheduled to move, Jake and Holly came over to our house. After spending the day together, when their mom came to pick them up, we were all 4 feeling brave. When my aunt and mom stepped outside, we locked them out! Then we danced aruond singing (loudly) "We're not going to Florida! We're not going to Florida!"

Our bravery was short-lived, and we soon unlocked the door. (We didn't know how our moms would like being locked out, but I don't think they would have been huge fans of it.)In our minds, it had definitely been locked so long that they would have a)noticed and b) had time to plot our punishments. However, this was not the case. When our moms came back in, they had been blissfully unaware of both being locked out and our loud singing.

Needless to say, singing a song did not stop the move, and Jake and Holly left for Florida as planned.


  1. Love it!! Great memory!!!

  2. I remember that like yesterday!