Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 17 - An Art Piece

I love art. The Detroit Institute of Art is a great museum that I wish I went to more often! I mean, it's no Louvre (which is an INCREDIBLE museum,) but it's nice! Much as I enjoyed the Louvre, it is much harder to get to than the DIA.

But, another place I went and saw artwork that I loved, was Giverny outside of Paris. Giverny is the home and gardens of Claude Monet, one of my favorite painters. I bought a shameless number of souveniers from this place. His paintings were all (or at least most, I can't remember EXACTLY what the tour guide said) from things he saw on his property. He wanted things to be accurate - the angle of the plants entering the water when they hung down, the arrangement of the lilly pads, etc. So, if you've seen his paintings, you can imagine what a beautiful place his home and gardens are! They are well maintained, though obviously the home is no longer a home. It's now a museum.

One of my favorite of his paintings is one of his most famous "Japanese foot-bridge over the water-lily pond in Giverny." I have this on a placemat and a coaster. (Don't judge!) I love the colors, the lighting, the sereness of the picture!

Thinking of this makes me want to go back!

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