Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 15 - A Person I Admire

Hmmm.... I admire a lot of people. The big decision is which one to write about. And I'm not feeling "writey" today. I considered skipping it. I actually forgot I hadn't done it. But, I'm here now, decision made.

Okay, I still can't decide so instead I'm going to list qualities I admire and people I think of when I think of that quality. This list will only be of people I know. :) So here is the list, in no particular order.

Passionate about God
Helps Others

Now for people who exemplify each one....

Integrity - For this one, though I know many who I could choose, I am going to list my pastor at Rochester. He was my professor for my relationships and ethics class last year during Bible School. So many of the information he gave us, backed up with stories from his own life, showed his personal integrity. It's not just about
being honest; it's about striving to do the right thing.

Hard-working I'm going to say, my friend and former co-worker Jen is extremely hard working. In addition to really busting it at work all day every day even when things are crazily frustrating and people aren't pulling their weight, she's also going back to school to get her nursing degree. When she finishes school, if I'm ever sick, she's definitely a nurse I would want. Not just because I love her, but because she's kind, meticulous, and hard working!

Passionate about God My friend Ashley, often mentioned on this blog, loves God. She's not shy about sharing her beliefs. She's even gone to the Phillipines to share about God over there!

Kind I know sooo many kind people. My friend Dyanna is one of the kindest people I know. She is always willing to listen when someone needs to talk. She's the type who will drop everything just to talk and listen when I need someone to talk to. And she's a lot of fun. :)

Intelligent Hmmm.... I also know a lot of intelligent people. My brother Cameron is one of them. I think that's one reason he's a good speaker - he studies the Bible and puts work into preparing his sermons. And he is a good, logical thinker.

Loving For this one, I will go with my beautiful, wonderful, loving Sissy Delia. Delia has a way of bringing out the best in people. I think it's because of the love she shows for everyone she's around. :) And she shows great love for my two precious nephews and is a GREAT mom!

Helps Others My friend Brandi works at a home for troubled children. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help make the home everything she can. She even does things to help the volunteers that are supposed to be helping her!

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  1. You are so sweet Deanna!! I am blessed to have a friend like you!