Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

Wow. I'm so tired that I kinda want to start this blog challenge tomorrow. But, I said I was starting today, so I will. :) Can't put off the first day of a challenge or what will happen the next days! Picking a favorite song for me is very challenging. I have many favorites - depends on my mood, situation, what style of music I'm in the mood for, etc. Then I have my favorite songs to play on the piano, my favorite songs to sing to, and my favorite songs to listen to. I also have strong feelings about music - I tend to remember a song after hearing it only once. If something bad was going on when I didn't first heard a song, I tend to always associate bad memories with a song. Songs also get stuck in my head very easily!

Here is one of my favorite people singing one of my favorite songs (for him to sing).

Another song I've been listening to a lot is "The More I Seek You." I love that song. It really expresses the main thought of Jeremiah 29:13. I love the Kari Jobe version, but recently got the CD with the Eddie James version as well. Both are great, but I could only find the Kari Jobe version online, so.....

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