Monday, June 28, 2010

So, it's definitely one or the other.....

Wow, blog posts two days in a row! I'm feeling very bloggy lately. I actually had something else I was going to write about today, but want to share this frustrating experience instead.

So, last night, I finally went to bed around 12:30. Seeing as my alarm was set for 5:30, this might not have been the best planning. Hehe.... I'm SUCH a night owl, but have to get up early for work. This is a bad combination. But anyway....

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled program, I couldn't sleep in part because my eyes were hurting SO BAD! Like, ridiculously bad. They felt like they had a bunch of stuff in them. Not just like one thing, but like they were having a party of foreign objects in my eyeballs. So, I decided "Maybe they're dry. I'll try eye drops." Okay, now it's a wet party. They were still hurting. After about half an hour, I decided to try a different kind of eye drop, after looking to see if there was anything in there. Well, it was the kind of eye pain where I couldn't even pry my eye open to look properly. My eyes are always sensitive to the light, and they were even worse now! So, I skipped the looking stage and went straight for the flushing enough eye drop in them that anything in there would be forced to leave. Party over, ladies and gentlemen!

BAD PLAN! BAD PLAN!!!!!!! Instant terrorizing pain!!!!!!! I only did it to one eye (blessedly!) and realized it was not the solution I had hoped for. I don't know why the eye drops made it so much worse, but it did! I hurried, blindly, to the bathroom, stepping on assorted items that got in my way, causing injury to my feet and shins. (Okay, momentary discomfort, not injury, but injury sounds better.) EVENTUALLY, I was able to calm the fire of the eyes slightly with cold water on a clean washcloth over my eyes. After 4 tries and about 10 minutes (which felt more like 10 hours!), I was able to get my eyes open enough to look in a mirror. Couldn't find any foreign objects, but saw what I thought might be signs of an infection. (And looking back, my eyes had been aching all day. I thought I was just tired.)

This morning, more signs pointing to infection, so I find that my eye doctor chain has a branch not TOO far from work. Wanting to go to nip any infection in the bud and also get some sweet relief, I called as soon as they opened and made a lunchtime appointment. I knew it could just be extreme irritation, but my whole left eye is swollen. And I couldn't even do eye makeup today (in part, because if it was an infection, I would end up throwing all the makeup away!) Perfect. Just what I wanted for lunch on a Monday - an eye exam. I hate eye exams - I am such a baby about them. As mentioned, the sensitivity my eyes have for light makes these sheer torture. I would rather go to the dentist than the eye doctor. I mean, I would truly MUCH rather go to the dentist. I wouldn't even have to think about it. Sign me up for the dental chair, please.

So, I get there. Wait and wait for my office to fax over my info to the new office (and it turns out all they were faxing was proof I was in the eye care club and so the appointment was free - nothing medically related). So, I go in to see the doctor, and after performing medieval torture experiments on me.... oops, I mean examining my eyes for several minutes, he says "Yes, your eyes are either infected or irritated." I'm like "Uh, yeah! Which is it?!?!?" But of course, I'm too polite to say this. He's like "Here are some eye drops. They'll help it feel better if it's because of irritation. But treat it like it's an infection - get rid of your contacts, contact case, and don't even think about putting in new contacts for 5 days. If on Thursday, you're still in a lot of pain and think it's an infection, come back."

Thanks, doctor, for telling me what I already knew and giving me a $1 bottle of eye drops that I could have gotten at Walmart! I mean, I'm glad it wasn't such a bad infection that it was like "Oh yeah, definitely infected!" But at the same time, if it is an infection, I'd rather start the antibiotic eyedrops right away!

I was not amused and amused all at the same time.

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