Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It has been a great month!

Why, you may ask?

The first two reasons that immediately come to mind?

There are other reasons as well.....

In addition to my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews, Daphne (Delia's sister) joined them for the first part of the trip! We had a GREAT time together. I've seen her before in Singapore, but this trip we definitely got closer. Even if she kicked me during our first night sharing a bed.

We've done a lot of fun activities while here. We've gotten together with a lot of family. I haven't been home for a weekend since the 3rd weekend of May! A trip to Pennsylvania was incredible, where we stayed with my cousin Jeremy, his wife Kim, and their children Andrew and Emily. Andrew and Emily are about the same age as Caleb and Evan, so watching them play together was great. Also great was a trip to the beach.

The next week, Daphne, Cameron, Delia, and I went to Cedar Point! Love it! Unfortunately, Daphne does not share our passion for roller coasters, but we did get her on some of the smaller rides. And I think she had SOME fun while there.

Sadly, just two days later, it was time for Daphne to go back to Singapore. :( I miss her! I will be going to Singapore probably December 2011. It seems so far off. I have told her she should get married while I am there so I can be at the wedding.

After Daphne left, that next weekend, we went to Chicago and Indiana to visit more family. You'll notice that there are no pictures of the Chicago skyline or tourist attractions - when my family goes to Chicago, we don't ever actually go to the city. Strangely, I seem to be the only one who wants to, and I'm always outvoted. But, we were only there about 30 hours, so I guess we didn't have much time. The trip was great, so maybe I'll blog more about it later.

Work has also been crazy, so trying to keep it all in check to allow for maximum family time has led to some very early mornings at the office so I could still leave on time.

But it was definitely worth it! They go back Sunday taking pieces of my heart with them. :(

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