Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, yesterday at work was a terribly stressful day. It was one of those days that just kept getting worse and worse as it progressed. The type of day that is found primarily during tax season, but then other non-tax issues are added to its wretchedness.

After an extremely stressful morning and afternoon, at around 4:30, I was trying to get an answer from a certain insurance company, and the guy was making NO SENSE! This was making me more and more frustrated. Usually, I am able to continue being nice to the customer service reps even when they're being idiots, but I was having trouble yesterday! I didn't yell. I didn't raise my voice. But, as the guy told me he couldn't do something their company has done approximately 10,000 times since I've worked here (6 months) I was getting upset. It was running a report for me, not breaking any procedures, making exceptions, etc. As I'm being not-very-nice to the guy and saying things like "I'm speechless. The new customer service policy is so ridiculous that I don't even know what to say" along with "Why would you change your policy to something that is the complete opposite of what it has always been?" and "I really don't understand why something that is so simple is now so complicated. You're telling me there is NO WAY for you to find out the values in the client's accounts and give them to me?" my co-worker leans out of his office and whispers "Is that (fill in the name of a certain insurance company)?" I nod. "Hang up. You called the wrong number!!!"

Yes, I had called the wrong number. Once I got off the phone with the guy, who I think was so confused, my co-worker said "Didn't you hear me call them a few minutes ago?" I sort of had, but it didn't really register. "Yeah, I did the same thing. Got all upset then realized they switched departments and you have to select another option. The guy you were just talking to has NO idea what you were talking about."

Quite embarrassed, I call again, press the correct option and had what I needed a mere 3 minutes later. But now, I'm afraid to call that company at all.

I guess restraint is a good thing....

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