Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun, Fabulous Friday

I feel like being random today, and listing things that make me happy. In no particular order, of course. (Note - these are THINGS that make me happy. People that make me happy would require a much longer amount of time to write than I have.)

Good grammar makes me happy. Bad grammar makes me very unhappy!

I love reading. I could (and sometimes do) spend hours upon hours reading, browsing for new books, etc. It's been one of my main hobbies since I was very young!

Purses - need I say more?

Shoes - I have about 80 pairs. I used to have more. Then, I got rid of some. Then, I bought more. Last count was right about the 80 mark.

Travel - seeing new places, returning to familiar places, making the plans to go.... I love it all. So far I've been to Asia 3 times, Africa 1 time, Europe 1 time, and to many places in the USA. But I want to do more!

Very few things relax me like playing the piano.

Where would I be without my coffee?

Also, one other thing that makes me happy that I've been thinking about lately is my job. But one of the main reason my job makes me happy is the people I work with. I truly am blessed that I really like each one of my co-workers as well as my boss. For the first time in ages, I have zero desire to find a new job, look for a new job, etc. The location, the position, the work itself - I enjoy it. Yes, it has its boring days. Yes, it has its moments of stress. But overall, I think it's a perfect fit for me. Of course there are days where I hear about a career and I think "That sounds fun!" The only downside to this is..... one of my co-workers quit! :( Yesterday was his last day, and the downside to liking everyone is it's sad when someone leaves. He was offered a position at his church - much closer to home, more time to spend with his 4 young children. So I'm happy for him, but I think I'll miss him.

So, for today, this is my list of happiness. :)

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