Monday, December 28, 2009

Disturbing Songs

So, lately I've been thinking about disturbing songs. Mainly because one of my Christmas albums has "Baby, It's Cold Outside" on it. I like the song. It's cute. It's catchy. But there are some lyrics that really make me wonder. I mean, the whole theme of the song is a guy trying to get a girl to not leave, giving her extra drinks to keep her there, etc. At one point she says "Hey, what's in this drink?" The whole thing really could be viewed as the theme song for the date-rape drug.

Also, I was just listening to Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me." Is it me, or is this song totally, creepily stalkerish? I love Taylor Swift, and this song is fun to sing. But when you really think about it? Disturbing. "Why can't you see you belong with me?" All the reasons why the guy's current girlfriend sucks? Really?

Anyway, these songs amuse me in all their creepy glory...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Wow! I'm a bad, bad blogger! Lol. I had a feeling I would be. Now it's confirmed. Oh well. I post every month or so? I always think of things I want to write when I'm not at my computer or don't have time (sometimes that dreaded work gets in the way). Then I'm at my computer with time, and I can't think of anything/don't feel like writing. But, it's strange, because I do have a lot to say!

For today, I'm going to talk about how Christmas is two weeks away! Yikes and yay! I love Christmas..... all but the fact that it's in December with the cold weather. Christmas music - love it. Buying gifts for my loved ones - adore it. Seeing people you don't see often - great (usually). Celebrating the fact that the perfect, sinless, Holy Son of God, Creator of the universe came to earth so that He could set an example of how to live and eventually die for me so I can be with Him forever - Incredible!!!

I love the cheesy Christmas movies. Except for the one I watched on Lifetime on Demand last night - it was cute and fun to a point. But then, there were pages of dialogue and plot STOLEN from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Just made a little more modern. It was called "The 12 Men of Christmas." Jesse from Diet Tribe was in it, so that was a plot. But you don't, I mean DON'T, rip off Pride & Prejudice without it being supposed to be a new spin on it. You don't just take a scene to make the main characters fight and change the names and situations just enough that Jane Austen can't posthumously sue you for plagarism!

So, at the end of this month, my friend and I are embarking on a trip to Alabama. I cannot wait. I love going down there. Though we'll be in the middle of nowhere with no good coffee, it's so worth it to go to the Ramp!

Okay, enough random rambling. But if anyone actually reads this, Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night, I fell asleep at 8:30 in the evening. Yes, that is correct.... 8:30!!! Usually, I am quite the night owl, so this was shocking. I slept through the end of Survivor, slept on and off through Grey's Anatomy, etc. I even missed a scheduled phone call with my friend Lauren!

I think it was to make up for the fact that the previous night - almost no sleep. I dozed here and there, but I don't think I slept-slept for more than 2 consecutive hours. Grief is a funny thing.... something happened in class that made me think of my Grandpa (who died about 2 weeks ago) and it started a outpouring of tears. After all the crying, I was exhausted and my eyes hurt, but I just felt.... hollow. I didn't sleep. I didn't cry more. I just kind of.... was.

Here's looking forward to sleep this weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This morning when I got dressed, I was suffering from shoenesia. Shoenesia is a very serious condition where you have temporary amnesia regarding how uncomfortable a pair of shoes is - "they're not that bad," you tell yourself. "If I just put a bandaid on when they start to hurt, I'll be fine" is another common lie. Then, it's the middle of the day, your feet are killing you, the bandaids have done nothing to help, and you realize the truth - there is a reason you never wear these shoes, cute as they may be.

I wear uncomfortable shoes often (love stilletos despite the foot cramps!) but something about certain shoes is just unbearable. But what to do when they're so cute?